Thank You!

I want to take a moment and extend my sincerest thanks to the City of Tonawanda for their help and support in making our first annual Garden Walk a success.

First, thank you to the 18 residents who opened up their gardens to the public to showcase. Your gardens are breathtaking.  The love of your labor is so evident, and the results are awesome. To have this kind of participation for our first Walk, in a small city that is only three square miles, was way beyond our expectations.

Next, many thanks to the Tonawanda News for their support of our event. John Brundo did an absolutely excellent job on the map, and the articles printed helped us get the word out.

A special thank you to Judy Simon and the Garden Club. Without the work and ideas of these ladies, we could not have had the success that we did.

The City of Tonawanda Board of Visual and Performing Arts once again worked together, the results being another successful event. Many thanks to all the members.

Last, but by no means least, thank you to all the residents, both from the City of Tonawanda and the surrounding areas, for visiting and participating in the Walk.  Because of you, our gardens experienced more than 100 visitors. This is an excellent turn out for our first event, and the enthusiasm and excitement that was shown for the gardens was fantastic.

To those of you who missed our event, don’t worry, we’re coming back!! Our plan is to make this a yearly event. Input from the participants as well as the visitors will help make our 2012 Walk even better. Hopefully, we can double our entries, and continue to spread the word of how great the people of Tonawanda are!!

Susan Gregg, Chairperson
City of Tonawanda Board of Visual and Performing Arts